As you may be aware we are a non-profit organisation, when ever we make a profit, it goes back to providing free badges for good causes. this means we support as many charities, community projects and good causes as possible. (you can apply for free badges here)


We are one of the first UK badge makers to switch out our plastic badge backs for 100% recycled plastic, this means each badge we make is using recycled plastic and aluminium meaning they can be recycled again once finished with. 

we use paper postage bags where possible meaning our packaging is as ecofriendly as possible too!

Plus your designs are only ever printed on Xerox® 100% Recycled paper so that when we create your badges they really are as eco-friendly as possible.

We only use Green Certified ink and we recycle our ink cartridges to help reduce landfill. 


We will NOT print any of the following, if you submit artwork that fits in any of the following categories please expect it to be refused and a refund in your account.

We do not print:

  1. Copy righted designs such as Disney characters, moomins, stolen designs. 
  2. Racist designs.
  3. Homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or hateful designs.
  4. Abusive or overly offensive designs.

These are just a few of the things we are NOT willing to print. There are a large number more but these are the top few. We hold the right to refuse to fulfil any order we do not agree with.